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Don’t Get Burnt

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Don’t Get Burnt

Vlad the Impaler, resurrected his campaign, 

With needles, instead of spikes,

So I sat at home, deep in thought,

While others sat fishing for Likes.


Away from the toil, with time to think, 

My thoughts did stray into holes, 

The future looked bleak,

We were told not to speak,

And were squealed on by collaborating Moles.


Revelations appeared, and my thoughts anodised,

With the fraud that we lived through revealing,


Not questioning life, not verifying all,

Leaves your future well opened for stealing.




In the pit of hell, where mankind does toil, 

With payments taxed to hell.

After decades of work, many get to the end, 

Defeated empty shells.


The pension once promised, now inflated away,

The retirement plans astray.


 The view from the bottom, it ain’t no fun,

Bitcoin’s a better way.




So I started to read, I researched and I learnt,

Choose Satoshi’s way, 


Please, don’t get burnt. 

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