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I’m an Angry Cunt

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I’m sick of being a fucking angry cunt.


I just can’t help it. It comes at me all the time. 

The anger. It is born from frustration.


Of a need to be free. To be able to think. To be left alone.

Now stuck in the rut of life and I’m fighting to escape. 


I want to crawl out of it but cannot. 

From one disaster to the next I struggle along. Getting bashed about. Bashed and bruised.


The bruises don’t show. They exist inside. Hidden from glances. Sheltered from stares.

I’m driving along the road of life. A road full of potholes. I hit one. Then another. 


I yell ‘FUCK’ at every collision as the wheel enters, then exits. 

Fuck this existence. Fuck the Potholes. I need to change. I need to make changes.


I’m an Angry Cunt. And me being an angry cunt makes me angry. It is a viscious circle. It needs to stop.

What can be done? What needs to change?


Time to kill the negative thoughts? Take control. Lock up the negativity.


I have to start, because I’m an Angry Cunt.

“A man is to be pitied who lacked the courage to accept the challenge of freedom and depart from the cushion of security and see life as it is instead of living it second-hand. Life has by-passed this man and he has watched from a secure place, afraid to seek anything better. What has he done except to sit and wait for the tomorrow which never comes?”
~ Hunter S. Thompson

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